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MacOS Sierra v10 fast-dl Download


MacOS Sierra (16A323) Multilingual VMware

Siri makes his debut on the Mac, with new features designed for your desktop only. Your Mac works with iCloud devices and Apple, the new smart and intelligent features make their photos, music and messages more enjoyable.

Take neshtatapravi by asking Siri, an intelligence assistant now on your Mac.

Enjoy your favorite features with a new firmware and suitable for Mac.

Send messages, create notifications, search the web and more while you work.

Sleep or copySiriAnd put the results in the document.

Pin Siri leads to notification center and references later.

Search for files, configure and retrieve information, just ask Siri.

Copy and paste between devices with a universal clipboard.

Copy quotes snimkiili video program on one device and paste it into another application that device.

Automatic login in Auto Unlock.

Log in to your Mac automatically when you carry your Apple. Try not to enter a password.

Nasolodzhuvatysyazruchnist and safetyFrom apple lone when pazaruvateonlayn.

Use Apple Pay, Easy, Secure Payments, while shopping on Safari on your Mac.

A purchase touch ID on your iPhone or your company Apple Watch.

Access files on your Mac desktop from your iPhone with iCloud Desktop and Docs.

Avtomatichnosahranyava all the files on the desktop and document directory iCloud and access them from any device.

Save browser and document folder to another Mac.Easilyzvilnyty place on your Mac with new storage.

Automatic storageFrequently used files iCloud, where they will be requested razpolozheniepri.

Additional tools to help you remove files that do not need to save even more space.

Take control of your desktop with tabs in applications.

Use tabs for managing multiple windows Maps, Pages, Keynote, Numbers and others.

Work with otmetkiv your favorite third party applications do not require a developer.

Watch out for big game or your favorite video with PIP.

Terkavideo Safari windowWith iTunes or on your desktop while you work.

Imagine the picture at any angle, and this duty. Yet when you have space or work on the whole screen.

Renew your messages conversations.

Viewpre-web content and watch your videos in the conversation.

In response to the announcement with quick and easy Tapbacks.

Express yourself with 3x golyamusmivki.

See stickers, digital touch, invisible ink, and handwritten messages sent by their friends iOS devices.


MacOS Sierra v10

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MacOS Sierra v10 fast-dl ...


MacOS Sierra (16A323) Multilingual VMware

Siri makes his debut on the Mac, with new features designed for your desktop only. Your Mac works with iCloud devices

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